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Complex Object
The domestic muse and the unheroic objec The domestic muse and the unheroic objec... - Complex Object ()
The domestic muse and the unheroic object / Annette Seeman
This thesis explores the attitudes and responses of selected Western Australian male artists to the gendered spaces and objects of the domestic. By way of a short historical overview of the transformation of domestic space from shelter to home a specific background for the study is established. In positioning the relationship of the artist to modernist and postmodernist versions of domesticity, attitudes to marginalised practice can be explored and the impact of feminist theory considered. The decision to base the study in the practice of male artists is a research strategy that will hopefully allow the thesis to more objectively compare attitudes to domestic space without the considerable presence of the traditional female domestic role and of generations of more recent feminist histories. The artists? studies are based on recorded interviews and on biographical material supplied by them. The conclusion draws together and compares their responses to contemporary domestic space, its objects and its theories, and speculates on attitudes to memory and to a future domestic environment.
Thesis (M.F.A.)--University of Western Australia, 2006
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