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Complex Object
The house of Metherisms : asterisms for The house of Metherisms : asterisms for... - Complex Object ()
The house of Metherisms : asterisms for living / Bradley D. Ladyman
This research undertakes an epistemological and methodological heuristic mode of research into abstract architectural models for inhabitation. Examinations reveal the urban condition of Leederville, Western Australia, and its abnormal spatial constellations that transcend their original purpose. This research will explore the sociological and cultural contexts whereby architectural installations become meaningful. This thesis will also examine and document the notion of 'contextual narrative' entailing the experiential observations of people, unique modes of inhabitation and the subsequent possibilities for new typologies for domestic living. As a broader, philosophical aim, this research seeks to test the perception of the traditional spatial arrangement of a suburban community beyond fundamental operative elements of spaces such as function. The intent of the final project is to provide new inquisitive readings of poetic spatial models which transcend traditional building types and urban perception. This thesis is significant to the conceptualisation and understanding of thought patterns and concepts of the presence of narratives to drive architecture.
Thesis (M.Arch.Des.)--University of Western Australia, 2013
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